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Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic DenturesAcrylic (plastic) dentures

Acrylic, commonly referred to as plastic dentures, are the most popular method of replacing missing teeth.This may be one tooth or a number of teeth in either the upper and/or the lower jaw or maybe even all the teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw.

They are custom made to fit perfectly in your mouth and to create as natural looking and healthy smile as possible from false teeth.

Acrylic dentures are less expensive than other types of dentures (light alloy dentures and flexidentures) and maybe a more attractive option for patients who do not want to pay a higher premium. But advances in technology mean that new acrylic dentures are lighter, stronger and more comfortable to wear.

Who will benefit?

Dentists may recommend plastic dentures if they feel that a patient is going to lose their existing teeth in the near future. It is also an inexpensive method for determining whether patients are able to tolerate dentures.

Patients who require treatment before they can have light alloy denture, flexidentures or other more permanent methods for replacing missing teeth, often wear an acrylic denture first. This usually occurs when the patient needs treatment to strengthen their natural teeth and gums or to allow the gums to heal following any teeth being extracted.

Craigmillar Dental centre provide all types of acrylic dentures on the NHS. For patients requesting more cosmetic dentures, we will be more than happy to provide the patient with the many options that are available and the likely cost of these.