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Tooth Whitening

Tray System

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One of the methods for whitening teeth uses a 'tray'. First of all, impressions are taken from which a study model is made. This is painted with a special material which increases the thickness of the tooth area. When the tray is prepared, a small pocket is produced. The whitening solution occupies this pocket ensuring that it only comes into contact with the required surfaces and that no damage is done to the soft gums.

The three main tray systems currently being used at Craigmillar Dental Centre are Polanight, Saber White and Enlighten for professional teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening kits are normally used for a period of up to 14 days. The advantage of the tray system is that it can be repeated at regular intervals in the future to maintain the whiteness of the teeth. Top up whitening gels can be purchased at the dental practice for any of the above tray systems.

Barrier System

Before applying tooth whitening gel the gums need to be protected. A potective barrier is applied and hardened using a bright light. The whitening gel is then applied and activated using a bright light. The gel will stay on the teeth for some time.This is then washed away and the barrier removed. Leaving bright, white teeth.

For the best results for whitening the patients teeth and to maintain the results, we recommend that a combination of both the tray and barrier system to be used. Again top-up whitening gel can be purchased at the practice when required.

The two main barrier systems employed at the practice are Zoom, and Saber White. Each procedure may take in the region of approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The obvious benefit of the barrier system is the results of the whitening process are much quicker than the tray system.

The final system that Craigmillar Dental Centre has recently introduced to the practice is Enlighten. It is the only teeth whitening system in the world to guarantee Vita shade B1(the whitest shade in the guide used by dentists).